The One Hundred Buddhas.

Hello. Thank you for coming to this page to read my request(s). If you are seeing this, you are one of the recipients of the 100 Buddha postcards (which I now realize actually grew to be at least 110, but that’s okay too).

There are 2 separate requests, really:

  1. EASY: Please consider posting a photo of the Buddha postcard you received from Geri on her Facebook timeline this week. Probably you know by now that her sister succumbed to cancer recently. Would love for Geri to have her 100 Buddhas returned to her with love in this way.
  2. SLIGHTLY MORE TAXING: I would like to create a little book called The Hundred Buddhas for Geri. My idea is to get as many of the recipients of her postcards as possible to write a short piece (1-3 paragraphs) sharing a “Geri story” (whatever you’d wish to share about your relationship with her and/or why you came to possess one of the Buddha cards) and a photo of the postcard (showing the number, if possible). Funny stories, poignant stories, maybe a little of both.

If you would like to participate in #2, please email the words you want to share and photo of your buddha card to me at Make your subject line “100 Buddhas” or something like that. I will compile the stories and create a coffee table book for Geri as a gift from all of us.

She does not know we are doing this.

Whether you participate or not, know that I bow to you with the deepest love and respect. Any friend of Larkin’s is okay with me. 🙂


P.S. If this project is successful, I can also have copies made for anyone who also wants the book. Let me know in your email if you would like one.