On Yoga and Bullshit


“In my opinion, genuine, committed Yoga practice begins when you become immensely fed up with your own bullshit. To reach this point, you must be able to recognize your bullshit first. Most people spend their whole lives unaware of their bullshit, making them incapable of ever beginning a path of internal work. Others might be aware of their bullshit, but more comfortable ignoring it, having maybe never experienced or noticed any consequences to their behaviors. If you are mildly fed up with your bullshit, you might dabble with yoga, self-practice or take a few classes per week, feel good for a while and return to your regular patterns of thinking and behaving, repeating this process continuously as you see fit in order to remain in a state of comfort within yourself. In other words you are okay with some of your bullshit. You figure you are doing your internal work and beyond that it’s not you who has to change, but the people and circumstances around you. Now, when you are truly fed up with your bullshit, you take responsibility. When you feel angry, sad, anxious, insecure or uncomfortable you realize it is only you who is capable of manifesting these mental states. Nobody else. You realize it is impossible for anyone or anything to influence how you feel, if it is you who is in command. You make it your life’s work to dig deeper into the layers of yourself to remove the veil of conditioning keeping you blind to the reality of your true essence. You develop an unshakeable faith that practice is the only true path to freedom.”

~ Ian Pescod
posted with permission

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