Yoga When Sick?

I was at hot yoga on Tuesday, felt completely fine on Wednesday (if a little sneezy), had plans to return to hot yoga Thursday night…but then I woke up Thursday morning with a head so full of snot I could barely move it without pain. Rats. The cold/flu bug ravaging the high school where I work had gotten me!

“Nah. Imma stay in bed.”

Day one I was so knocked out by it that I just stayed home, napped a lot, and took the medicine Fergus brought to me. By day two, still miserable but also bored and wondering how long I should rest and whether I should try to do some easy yoga, I started Googling “yoga when you’re sick” to see what the Interwebz says about it.

Turns out, the answer isn’t all that surprising: “Listen to your body.” Huh. Who would have guessed? 😉

So on Day 3, I found Adriene’s Yoga When You’re Sick video on Youtube, smeared some Vicks VapoRub under my nostrils on the hunch that it might make yoga breathing a little easier (I was right), and gave it a shot. I ended up doing her half-hour extremely-gentle yoga routine plus another 20 minutes or so of additional stretching.

No negative consequences. As a matter of fact, I felt a little better. Certainly, just being out of bed and moving some seemed helpful.

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