Cool Gear, Bruh.

So, like most enthusiastic new yogis, I’m taking stock of my gear and buying some new stuff. First up? A bag that can accommodate my yoga mat & a few essentials for classes (towel, dry shirt, water, etc.). I thought about just getting a strap to carry my mat because I do have a nice bag already…but after forgetting my mat entirely last time I went to the studio (derp!), I decided I’d really like a bag/mat-holder combo. (This will also make it more convenient when I want to walk to the studio and carry fewer separate items).

There are a lot of options on Amazon (I use Amazon Smile and make sure a portion of my consumerist tendencies goes toward NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia…though there are lots of other charities to choose from if  you wanna check it out). I actually spent an inordinate amount of time considering the merits of the various styles. This is the one I settled on, by Asutra, a U.S. organic yoga product manufacturer. Here’s why I like it:

  • yoga mat gets strapped to bag rather than going inside it, so if I change the size or thickness of my yoga mat…I won’t make my bag obsolete
  • bag itself is small enough to fit in a typical yoga studio cubby once the mat is removed
  • has one zippered exterior pocket that can be reached even when mat is attached (for keys, phone)
  • plenty of interior space for what I usually carry to class
  • just sort of seemed like an elegant solution
  • bonus: came with organic mat cleaner & cloth
  • price: under $25
Bag Features
These photos are from Asutra’s listing on Amazon.


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