Where Do You Yoga?

I yoga in Fredericksburg, Virginia. These are the places near me I have discovered that offer yoga instruction. Here’s my take on them (so far) as a newbie. I will update as my journey continues.

Art of Balance Yoga

Located on busy Route 3 (Plank Road) just past Salem Church Road as you come from the city, near Sakura restaurant.

This studio offers a GREAT introductory deal — $20 for 2 weeks of unlimited classes. It’s a perfect way to try out several types of class and various instructors. Art of Balance came to me highly recommended by my friend Anne, a long-time yogi and an instructor. I signed up for the 2 week intro deal and made it a point to go to as many classes as fit my schedule within those 2 weeks.


  • Small classes. Instructors get to know students as individuals, by name, quickly.
  • Instructors are sweet, and humorous. I appreciated being able to laugh in a yoga class!
  • Different types of yoga on offer, and varying levels.
  • Focus on physical and spiritual/mental journey is obvious.


  • For me, it’s a con that it’s not downtown FXBG and that Route 3 traffic often stinks.
  • In some classes, I would have liked more instruction on posture, poses.
  • There is no “antechamber,” as it were. You open the door and you’re in the studio. Though they do a good job of keeping blinds drawn during classes and have a “do not disturb” sign on the door…if there are noisy people or cars in the mall parking lot, it’s somewhat distracting. I’m not focused enough to tune that out!
  • One of the instructors went around anointing students with essential oils. I think I was the only curmudgeon in the room who demurred at the offer. I’m so not there yet. Plus side: She didn’t force it on me.


Dragonfly  Yoga

Located downtown on Caroline Street, between Hanover and George Streets, in the mall next to Jabberwocky.

I took one class here (90-minute hot yoga) and fell in love. It is pricier if you go class-by-class than some of the other options in the area; however, memberships or packages defray that difference. I recently bought 10 classes for $110.


  • Two yoga spaces: A large studio and a dedicated hot-yoga room (much smaller).
  • Lots of space for personal items.
  • Classes I have taken so far have had just the right balance of physical instruction, reminders about breath and mental/spiritual practice, and instructor correcting/assisting students in poses.
  • Felt like the kind of physical work-out I’d been craving from yoga.


  • One bathroom, and it’s located out in the mall, upstairs from the studio…and you  need a key to access it (like an old-school gas station).
  • If you pay one class at a time, somewhat more expensive than other studios in FXBG.


Yoga Foundation of Fredericksburg

Located just outside of the University of Mary Washington’s campus, on Franklin Street (sorry, no restaurant nearby to use as a landmark).

I have only attended 1 class here. To be honest, it turned me off; however, I’m aware that there are many other instructors and types of yoga taught here…so I will return and give it a fair try.


  • Walking distance from my house
  • BIG studio space
  • Inexpensive: suggested donation $10 per class
  • Lots of different instructors & classes
  • Community-minded
  • Offers Pitaiyo


  • No classes on Sundays
  • “Hot” yoga I signed up for was not at all hot. There are 3 small stand-alone heating units that likely can’t get that big room up to temperature; also, the instructor discovered at the end of class that she turned them on “cool” instead of “heat” at the start of class. So there’s that.
  • My instructor was young and new, and it showed. Her voice was fairly strident, not at all soothing, and she didn’t instruct or assist so much as merely take the group through a series of poses. She was nice enough, but not very skilled yet.


Fly Fitness

Located downtown Fredericksburg, on William Street. Across from Hurkamp Park.

Have taken spin classes here, but not yet yoga. Will visit over the next few months and review here.


Bodyworks Downtown Athletic Club

Located downtown Fredericksburg, on Caroline Street.

Have not taken any classes here yet, but may — because they offer Pitaiyo.


Stafford House of Yoga

Located on Garrisonville Road in Stafford. I will not take classes here because…it’s located on Garrisonville Road in Stafford (yuck). Many Stafford friends go here, though, and enjoy it.


[photo by Aaron]

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